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What Is AZ Workman’s Compensation (Arizona Workers’ Compensation)

AZ workman's compensation - Construction worker neck injuryAZ workman’s compensation  is a system for compensating people hired or injured in Arizona who suffer an injury as a result of their job or work. Arizona workman’s comp (workers’ comp) is the primary means of recovery for a person injured at work and it is important that you consult with an Arizona attorney specializing in workers’ compensation to find out what your rights are within this system.

When Can I Recover AZ Workman’s Compensation?

You may recover the cost of your medical bills, as well as disability and other benefits, through the workers’ compensation system. Such benefits are generally available if:

  • You suffered an accident at the job site or while performing required work tasks anywhere else. The injury could have occurred anywhere and it will still be covered as long as you were doing some activity “arising out of and in the course of” your job.  This can include various personal activities, especially if you were on the employer’s premises when engaged in the activity.
  • You were exposed to toxins at work.  If you were exposed to asbestos, mold, lead or any other toxin on the job and got sick as a result, workers’ comp should cover you as long as you can link your illness back to your job.  There are special rules that apply to “occupational diseases.”
  • You developed a repetitive stress injury. If you do a motion or task repeatedly over and over at work, this can cause a repetitive stress condition to develop. Again, you can recover the costs of treatment as well as disability benefits as long as you can link the condition to work tasks.
  • Mental conditions.  If your work is the cause of a mental condition, this can also be covered.  However, there are special rules that apply to such claims and the burden of proof is different than with respect to claims for physical injuries.

It is important to note that negligence is not listed as one of the requirements; unlike in tort cases, an employer doesn’t have to be negligent or have fault for you to get AZ workman’s compensation benefits (workers’ compensation benefits).  In fact, even if the injury is as a result of the workers’ negligent conduct it can still be covered, subject to various limitations.

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