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What Is the First Thing I Should Do When I Am Injured on The Job?

Getting injured on the job requires you to quickly make decisions regarding the next steps to take. Whether you are injured in an accident at work or an injury develops over time from overuse or exposure, it is critical that an evaluation and a claim be made for compensation.

The first thing you should do after learning about your injury is to contact your employer. Depending on the state you live in and the type of insurance your employer uses will dictate the provider you will need to see. Some employers require that the initial consultation is completed by their medical provider and allow you to seek your own treatment after this session. Other employers require you to see their specialized medical professionals for the duration of your treatment. Either way, determining what has occurred and having appropriate testing completed is necessary to find an accurate diagnosis of your symptoms or injury.

You may be concerned that utilizing your employer’s medical provider could lead to a conflict of interest or other similar issue. This is a reasonable concern and a good question for a workers’ compensation attorney. Seeking out a lawyer can provide you with important support to ensure necessary medical care is obtained. Additionally, they are able to help you file a claim for compensation. This is a complicated process but using legal resources can make this stressful experience much more manageable.

Another aspect to consider is the time constraints for filing for compensation for your healthcare costs, time away from your job and to address any long term impacts of your injury. The statute of limitations vary state to state so seeking out legal professionals to support you through this process is integral. To ensure proper care and potential reimbursement during your treatment you need to take action when an incident occurs.

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