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What to Disclose to Your Social Security Disability Attorney

If you or a loved one feel that you are entitled to social security disability benefits, it’s important to talk to an attorney with extensive experience in this area of the law before, during, and after the application process. The attorney can help you navigate the application process and help you give you the best chance of getting a favorable result – at the initial, reconsideration or hearing levels and beyond.

Here are a few important things you’ll need to disclose to your attorney to get things started:

Your Medical Condition and Records

Perhaps the most important part of filing for disability is what your doctors have to say about your condition. Have you been diagnosed with one or more medical conditions? Are you terminally ill? Will your condition improve over time, but perhaps not for a long time? All of these and many other factors play a part in your entitlement to benefits and are vital to disclose to your legal team.

It’s also important to discuss any medications or treatments you may be prescribed or taking. Knowing how you are currently coping with your illness, injury, or other condition will help your attorney understand what you go through daily so that they can argue effectively on your behalf. Tell them if you have health insurance, as well, and how much of your total medical costs you are responsible for. These can be big factors in determining your entitlement.

Your Work History and Current Work Situation

Work history often plays an important role in your approval and reception of disability benefits. So does your current ability to work. Whatever you have done in the past and are or aren’t able to do now in regards to employment is important to discuss with your lawyer. This will give your lawyer a deeper understanding of your condition and your needs.

Your Ability to Perform Daily Tasks

If performing daily tasks such as walking upstairs, walking approximately one block, or carrying groceries around your home becomes difficult, you may have no choice but to consider yourself disabled. While these tasks may be temporarily difficult for some after injuries, illness, surgery, or other events, long-term difficulty often means disability.

Answering some of these questions can be embarrassing. Don’t feel ashamed. Your Phoenix, AZ social security disability attorney has worked with all types of people before and has most likely argued a case like yours before. Schiffman Law Office is your local law firm.  We are here to represent our neighbors.  We understand what you’re going through – and how to help you get through it. Contact Schiffman today for more information on what is required to apply for social security disability benefits.

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