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When To Talk to a Social Security Disability Lawyer

Be sure to contact a social security disability attorney as soon as possible in regard to a disability claim, because the benefits of legal help far outweigh the costs. Even if you are only thinking about filing for disability, you can avail yourself of legal help in the form of a free consultation. A social security disability attorney Phoenix AZ can help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your claim before you have even applied.

With legal help from a social security disability attorney, you are statistically significantly more likely to have your claim approved, which can save you time, work and money. Some individuals file their initial claim without legal help, but the fact remains that your claim is more likely to meet with approval if you have legal help from a social security disability attorney.

Social security disability attorneys are usually paid 25% of your social security disability back pay if your claim is successful. With early legal representation, approval at the initial application level therefore incurs just a small attorney’s fee as a result of few months of back benefits being owed by Social Security. This type of fee means that anyone can afford expert legal help to win social security disability claims.

If you have already submitted your initial application for social security disability benefits, legal help at this stage can still assist you in better developing the evidence needed to prove your entitlement. However, even if you wait for a denial, the attorney can assist you on the initial appeal (Request for Reconsideration).  If denied at Reconsideration, the attorney can assist at the hearing level, including, in appropriate matters requesting an ‘on-the-record’ (OTR) decision from the Administrative Law Judge.  This is especially important for those suffering from terminal medical conditions or those that entitle the claimant to immediate Medicare coverage, such as ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) or kidney failure.  An experienced social security disability attorney in Phoenix AZ will be familiar with all of the appropriate steps to move your matter through the system as efficiently as possible.

A social security disability attorney in Phoenix AZ can guide you through the claims process and will have an in-depth knowledge of what medical evidence will be required from physicians in order to meet the law’s requirements. In addition, a social security disability attorney will represent you at your hearing and use legal expertise to present your claim as favorably as possible.

With a strong case, it is possible to win an appeal as an individual, but there are no guarantees. At the very minimum, it is prudent to arrange a consultation with a social security disability lawyer before going to your hearing.  A review of the Administrative Law Judge statistics will reflect just how difficult it is to prevail with respect to these claims, with many of the judges in the Phoenix metropolitan area approving less than 30% of all claims that come before them.

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