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Why Hire a Social Security Disability Attorney

You spent years paying into social security on faith that it would be there for you when
you needed it someday. You never expected someday to come so soon, and you’re
suddenly out of work.
When you are faced with the decision of paying your creditors, the rent, or putting food
on the table for your family, it’s crushing. You’ve tried to find work, but chronic illness or
injury has interfered. It is time to consult a
social security disability attorney.
Why Hire an Attorney
Obtaining your social security benefits should be easy. In reality, the maze of paperwork
and requirements is overwhelming. You need someone experienced to help guide you
through the process in the fastest way possible for a successful outcome.
Working with an experienced and credible social security disability attorney will simplify
the process and vastly lower the stress involved in applying for the benefits you are
entitled to. The attorney can counsel you through the gathering of the assorted medical
documents, financial documents, and written statements along with the filing process.
Applying on Your Own
You could try applying for disability on your own, but there is a high rate of failure and
missing even one pertinent requirement could set you back weeks, or even months as
your application is denied and you have to start the process over again.
Who to Hire
Schiffman Law are certified experts in social security. Located in Phoenix, Arizona, they
are well-versed with the process and have received numerous awards, including a pair
of superb, top attorney Avvo ratings in worker’s compensation and social security.
You need access to the money you are entitled to as soon as possible and the best way
to achieve that is by hiring a reputable social security disability attorney attorney like Schiffman

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