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Why You Need a Lawyer when Seeking Long Term Disability Benefits

Long Term Disability (LTD) companies often don’t play fair when it comes to approving, or more aptly, denying claims. The bottom line is that they are in business to make money and therefore, paying out to every applicant is not feasible. They are well aware of every loophole that exists and every ploy to make it more difficult for you to access this benefit. Having someone on your side who is also aware of the pitfalls of applying for and appealing denied claims can ensure you don’t take any missteps that could detrimentally affect the outcome.

Applying for LTD

Although filing for a claim may seem straight forward, there are certain tactics that LTD companies have knowledge of that it would behoove you to know in order to have the best chance of being approved. This is where hiring a lawyer can come in handy and give you a better chance of securing your access to this much needed benefit. For example, LTD companies often ask for information that most applicants willingly provide, when it may not be in your best interest and can’t lawfully be required to secure an approval. An experienced lawyer will guide you through the entire process and significantly increase your chances of approval as well as a faster turnaround.

Delayed Claims

One strategy used by LTD companies is to significantly delay claims by requiring excessive and often unnecessary information or by simply taking too long to review the claim. A lawyer can step in to facilitate a more efficient processing of the information by knowing precisely what you need to or don’t need to submit and by putting pressure on the company to comply in a timely manner.

Denied Claims and Appeals

Denial of your claim is extremely frustrating, and the subsequent appeals process can be exceptionally stressful, especially when you are also in the midst of dealing with a new disability. Something as simple as a missed or improperly filed appeal can be grounds for denial and will further extend your time to accessing benefits. Legal representation is vital at this stage. From writing an effective appeals letter to working with doctors, to securing and submitting information at the right time, a well-versed lawyer can ensure nothing is overlooked and potential hazards are avoided.

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