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Why You Need an Attorney for Your Social Security Disability Claim

Acquiring legal help dramatically improves your chances of winning your social security disability claim. At the hearing level, the social security disability claim of an applicant represented by a social security disability attorney is more likely to be approved than the claim of an unrepresented individual.  We have been more successful than the national average for claims handled by attorneys.

Here are 7 things a social security disability attorney Phoenix AZ can do for claimants:

1) Gather Medical Records and Evaluate Them

It is particularly useful to seek legal help from a social security disability attorney where medical records are incomplete, inconsistent or if there are gaps in treatment history.

Legal help includes the gathering of medical records and their submission to court. A social security disability attorney in Phoenix AZ will know when medical records need to be updated.

2) Obtain Doctors’ Opinions

A social security disability lawyer will contact physicians in order to gather written opinions on a claimant’s ability to work. It is known that doctors are more likely to respond to the request of a social security disability attorney in Phoenix AZ than to the request of a patient. An attorney can also facilitate the scheduling of psychological or physical exams that obtain important information necessary to present a claim in the most favorable light.

3) Prepare Claimants for Questioning

Since a social security disability attorney is very familiar with the procedure of hearings, the attorney can help the claimant understand the questions that are likely to arise and be prepared to respond.

4) Question the Vocational Expert

During the hearing, the social security disability attorney will have the opportunity to cross-examine the Social Security Administration vocational expert. His or her familiarity with the relevant medical records is invaluable in bringing to light anything that has been overlooked and obtaining evidence that may favorably impact the claim.

5) Use Personal Knowledge of the ALJ

Experienced social security disability attorneys in Phoenix AZ know best how to handle weaknesses in your case and can make the most of strengths, due to his or her familiarity with the Administrative Law Judge.

6) Skip the Hearing

It is possible for a social security disability attorney to move straight to an approval should you be eligible for an on-the-record decision.

7) Evaluate Witness Testimony

Since witnesses can be harmful to cases as well as helpful, an experienced social security disability attorney will assess whether or not witness testimony is required in order to win your claim.

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